Hampton Styled Home Spotlessly Clean – Is It Easy??

contemporar-home-interior-design-noosa-homeThe answer is a yes and is built around building some awareness. Then it gets simple. A Hampton styled home is all about elegance and creating an ambiance of breathtaking beauty by incorporating the modern with the classic and the ornate with simplicity, to provide a sense of blending an old world charm with the contemporary.

The first eye-catching feature in a Hampton style home is the sense of colour. The colour palette leans towards pleasing pastel and neutral shades to reflect balance, harmony, tranquillity, a sense of warmth and openness. The homes themselves feel like a breath of fresh air, and as they put it, have a sun-bleached look. Maintenance of a home, especially, with lighter shades of colour on walls and upholstery feels like it will be a chore to maintain such homes. But that is far from the truth. All that is required is some information as to how to go about it, and you’ll notice that it does not feel difficult at all. So What Are The Best Ways For The Upkeep Of A Hampton Style Home?

Specific Tips To Maintain Fabric Upholstery:

1. Vacuuming is paramount. Keep a weekend slot to vacuum the upholstery. The material is usually linen, which provides a sense of comfort and elegance. A once-a-week vacuuming regimen will make it appear as good as new and you will avoid accumulation of lint, hair, and other such material that will eventually bring down the appearance.
2. Try not to allow pets pounce on your couches. Abrasion marks cannot be eliminated easily and are often permanent.
3. Keep the upholstery fabric away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Keep the windows covered with UV light blocking curtains.
4. Keep rotating cushions to maintain a healthy look and do not pull out the cushion from its cover. If you require cleaning them, read the instructions or cleaning code and wash accordingly. For example: ‘W’ stands for water-based foam, S- water-free, WS- water/ dry solvent / foam cleaner and X- none of the cleaners except using a vacuum.

Specific Tips For Leather Maintenance:

1. The leather is far more maintenance friendly. Top grain cowhide leather upholstery is preferred for its low maintenance. As is the case with fabric upholstery, do not expose to direct sunlight of heat vents.
2. Cleaning can involve the use of dipping a cloth in gentle soap water and cleaning an area, then cleaning with a cloth dipped in plain water and finally a dry cloth. This will maintain the original sheen.
3. Keep away chemicals such as oils and, cleaning liquids, ammonia.
4. There are specific products for leather care. But do not use them on nubuck or suede leather. But you can go ahead if the quality is pigmented and top coated. The products restore the original sheen and softness.

Specific Tips For Wood Maintenance:

1. Do not expose it to the external atmosphere: This is more so for wood than any other material, though for the two too, it is critical. Sunlight will result in the colour wearing off and will lead to the appearance of cracks. Humidity also adversely affects quality.
2. Be careful not to cause scratches by dragging items across. For those that could not be avoided, there is still some polish that can be applied with very fine steel wool.
3. Rubber or plastic tablemats are best avoided as they react with the wood finish.
4. Silicone wax polishes are also to be avoided. Use natural oil based finishes. Do not over apply them, as layers of them attract dust particles giving it a rough finish.

By following some simple rules, you can maintain a dust free, spotlessly clean Hampton style home.

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An Elegant Hamptons Inspired Home – Not Too Difficult To Create!

brian-del-toro-living-toomAn elegant home to walk into and feel completely at bliss could be anyone’s dream. But how does one start to create such an ambiance? If you are one of those who believe that home should breathe, breathe fresh and reflect a landscape of beauty and serenity, do read on. Most often we dream of travelling to unknown destinations to experience the peace and tranquillity we so miss in our environment, but what if we created one that perhaps appeared like an extension of an ocean and how beautiful it would feel to languish in it, if that space were your very own, your personal space, your home?

The most important aspect that creates the core ambiance is the choice of colour. To have a fresh, inviting appeal and yet to allow a person to be, to relax, a neutral colour palette works wonders. A pastel colour palette for the upholstery, say a sandy cream, an aquamarine blue for cushions complement the neutral shade on walls and window panes. They add a dash of colour but it appears more like blending colours in smoothly.

Natural wood colours of hardwood and timber floors provide an earthy feel and warmth to the home. The design of furniture and décor should exude warmth and can be a good mix of classic and contemporary, the shades again blending in with neutral shades.

There can be the use of intelligent lighting to highlight nooks and corners subtly. Subtlety in décor also adds to beautify your space. Experiment with textures such as mixing bleached timber with white for curios. Soft aqua blues and light blues for cushions, a painting or a lamp gets you closer to the feel you wish that your home imbues.

The use of cane for furniture is also a good choice. It adds texture, contrast and a sense of variety without hurting the look and feel. However, do not overdo it. For example, do not try to keep an entire couch made of cane but you can find a place for a cane basket somewhere as a part of the décor and it can be a utility item as well, maybe to keep a few cushions in it.

Remember the heavier the colours get, the more you need to ensure that it blends in. To balance it out use sandy colours, shades of cream. If you are into collecting conches or seashells and would like to exhibit them, find a place. You can also choose some crystal candle stands.

If you jump from a neutral colour palette to rustic brown, the contrast may be too eye-catching. To keep the contrast muted, you can begin with neutral. Next include the aqua blues and turquoise shades and then the sandy browns, so that when your warm earthy browns are added, they all appear seamless.

Now when you add other colours, such as grey or black in the form of a rug or a dash of mild orange to a couple of cushions it will not lose the overall effect of serenity. But when you introduce solid colours be careful to place them with a lot of your neutral shades around – for example, if you had white and sandy yellow cushions, a mild orange cushion will break the monotony but add to the pleasant feel.

Now that you have created this lovely home, are you sure about leaving for your luxury holiday or would you rather just put your feet up and relax in your haven? The latter sound truly divine, doesn’t it?

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Choosing To Go Hamptons Style For Your Kitchen

kitchen-black-white-checkered-floorThe Hamptons-style originated from the self-named islands off the coast of Long Island in New York. Known for being home to a multitude of celebrity summer houses, it became an exclusive, beach neighbourhood for the rich and famous. The style itself represents the surf and the sea in a casual nautical-themed collision of whites and blues with splashes of marble and exposed wood thrown in for the fun of it.

For someone who is set on having a Hamptons-themed kitchen in their new home, or are simply renovating the old, the task may seem daunting. However, there are three key aspects to getting the Hamptons look down pat for every budget and every level of skill.

Getting the Architecture Right
The Hamptons theme is meant to reflect a classy, yet laid back lifestyle. As such, the main point is to keep nearly everything exposed and elegantly simply with a few eye-catching memorabilia thrown in. As far as the basic architecture is concerned, this will mean pitched ceilings with exposed rafters, wooden floors, large windows and tonnes of natural light. This is easily done if incorporated into the actual house planning phase, rather than demolishing an existing kitchen and rebuilding it.

Dressing Up the Cabinetry
For many, the hallmark Hampton’s kitchen may seem unattainable, but with a little ingenuity and careful planning, even an existing kitchen can be turned into one that belongs in the Hampton Villages. The secret is to focus on the cabinetry. The basis of the looks is to make sure the cabinetry is a simple white or soft greys and blues. White is not exclusive to cabinetry and can be used in window frames, backsplashes and countertops. Large tiles can be used for the backslash and the hob usually, includes a large oven.

Wooden floors are preferable as they tie with the exposed beams on the ceiling and wooden countertops can be used, though they are not as durable as their marble or granite counterparts. A large island in the middle of the kitchen plays an integral role, both as a preparation surface and a breakfast bar. If the thought of a large amount of overhead cabinetry does not suit your fancy, exposed shelves made of glass or wood can also lend a certain charm to the kitchen.

Details To Finish The Look
They say the devil is in the details and this is no exception. What really ties the entire Hamptons look together is the tiny bits and bobs that are added towards the end. In fact, this is what makes the style so appealing for people on a budget. With a few well-placed beach souvenirs, like a starfish shaped napkin holder, an old surfboard hung from the ceiling, white crockery displayed on open shelves, beautiful oversized pendant lights place over the island, an indoor palm growing in a wicker basket and even a jar of sand from a previous visit to the seaside, the entire space can be transformed to reflect the ocean.

There are no limits to the way the Hamptons style can be portrayed as what matters the most is the functional yet relaxing atmosphere it provides.

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